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Bought some glasses "Two Pairs" and within a little over a year both lenses started to crack! noticed it on one pair, so when I switched over and started to wear my back-up it did the same, when I took them back to the store to see what could be done I was told since I had them for 14 months I was no longer under warranty. Will not go back to any of their stores if they sell crappy quality lenses! Had they fixed it them I would've continued to give them my business, but since they did not seem to care. I will no longer be a customer, and I am... Read more

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I bought glasses in St.joseph, Mo. Last year in Aug 2014 and complained at least five times that i couldn't see good and found out they are weaker than the old pair but they wouldn't fix the problem. It sucks! Add comment

Trusted commercial's went for first time thought great, WOW what a surprise. The front office lady broke my wife's glasses which is the reason we went there and said oh well they were going to break anyways !! No offer to repair,and the optical shop was a very bad experience. The Optical Doctor was good. But would NEVER RECOMMEND!! Went to another optical doctor Not Eyemaster associated and had every thing done,which is what WE expected. Don't waste your time or money!!!!! Read more

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Last year I bought a pair of glasses at eyemasters, Dallas tx (Lakewood branch) after wearing my glasses for one day I noticed I could not see clearly I cleaned the glass thinking the glasses were dirty..after carefully looking through the light I could see one of the glasses had multiple small lines going across the glass..I took them back the next day and they replaced the one glass that had the lines..two days later while cleaning my glasses with te expensive solution I bought from them I notice that the glasses were sticky, again thinking... Read more

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I asked that they use my frames (3 of them) with my new prescription and when I went back to pick them up I was unable to see out of them. When I explained I needed them for work on Monday, they advised the lab was closed. They could have them later on Monday. Advised not acceptable, then they tried to fit some lenses in one pair and broke the frames so offered up a cheap frame with lenses that do not fit for me to use at work until they can correct their mistake. Can see a computer but unable to read w/o holding material arms length away, One... Read more

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My dad has been with eyemasters for years. Recently, he purchased glassed with tinted coating, but after a few months, the coating peeled off. Upon returning to the store and asking for another coat of tinting, he was told because there was no warranty purchased there was nothing they could do, even though it was only 2-3 months. Boo to eyemasters, very poor customer care!! The things that are advertised are never the same once you actually get into the store and get to the cash register. They won't let you use your own frames, they... Read more

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i was visiting in ohio and purchased the 2/89 special. i had to get an exam since i hadnt had one in a few years. i wanted a certain type of frame something that was different from my usual style i was told that i could only get that frame if i chose the most expensive lens so i just went and got my typical style frames. my older glasses i could see very well with them but my new prescription i could hardly see out of them . they had my noline bifocal all the way to the top of my lens, saying that i would get used to it. Read more

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Their ad says 2 pairs for $89.00 which includes select frames,but does not say you can't provide your own frames. I called the local store in Pensacola, Fl. and spoke to 2 people there,and was told that I could provide my own frames but the lens would cost $90.00 each if I did. I asked why when the add does not say you have to purchase their frames and by my providing my frames it would save them $140.00 for the 2 frames. They said that was just how it was and there are no exceptions. then I called their corp office in Texas and spoke to 2... Read more

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Advertisment stated buy one get one Free,no exclusions.i was asked if i wanted one pair or buy one and get one free. So i said if i am getting one free i would do that deal.Buford the manager said its a great deal and i choose the right deal. i asked how much and told him i wanted the same tpe i was wearing,he said they would be the same . Price for two was $534.96.I said that was too much that i could get them cheaper in canada.He said he could get me one pair for $289.95. i said ok i would buy them,but why the differance in price.He said he... Read more

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I first bought glasses without frames around lens for light weight and looks. They kept breaking and then quit carrying that model and parts and refused to repair them. Then I bought your glasses with frames this year and they broke off at the ear piece, for no reason. They just fell apart when putting them on, in the A.M. without any fault of my own. When I took them in they said I had to buy a new ear piece of another frame for to much money, or any cost to me at all. Now I have only my very old Lenscrafter glasses that have held up for 5... Read more

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