Their ad says 2 pairs for $89.00 which includes select frames,but does not say you can't provide your own frames. I called the local store in Pensacola, Fl.

and spoke to 2 people there,and was told that I could provide my own frames but the lens would cost $90.00 each if I did. I asked why when the add does not say you have to purchase their frames and by my providing my frames it would save them $140.00 for the 2 frames. They said that was just how it was and there are no exceptions. then I called their corp office in Texas and spoke to 2 people there got the same run around.

I called their competitor Stanton optical who advertises 2 pair for 69.00 and they said they would be happy to let us provide the frames at the same price of 2 pairs for 69.00.

Can you guess who I'm giving my business to? Definitely not Eyemasters - Visionworks!!

Monetary Loss: $90.

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