I purchased two pairs of glasses for my son on Aug 29. I was told and it was written on the envelope that they would be ready on Aug 30 at 6:30 P.M.

When I went in nothing had been done. I was told that the glasses would now be ready on Aug 31. How do I know the second time Eyemasters would get it right when they did not get it right the first time? I was told that the glasses were misplaced in the special order bin.

What kind of business are they running? First of all, if they promised something at a specific time then they should be ready at that time or they should have made the effort to contact me before I wasted an hour of my time. Secondly, even if they were in the special order bin this means that either no one looked in the bin all day long or if they saw them then they did not care. How can they not have a system that checks and double checks what is due and if it is being worked?

Do they not have a manager in the store? Is everyone just supposed to hope that the work is being done? Eyemasters are certainly far from professional. I know that no one identified themselves as a manager during the time I was there.

I can easily buy glasses for less on base.

I would think that in today's economic environment a business would care about its customers. I certainly got the feeling that they could not care less if I purchased from them or just went elsewhere.

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is the manager supposed to wear a sign on their head?? you could ask. and the other commentor is right, not all are neccesarily unprofessional just because one is.


Just because one of the stores was unprofessional, doesn't mean that ALL EyeMasters are unprofessional. The one I go to is very professional. My glasses are special order, and they have never failed to have them when they said they would.

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