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My son needed glasses. We went to the Eyemasters at The Woodlands Mall, in The Woodlands Tx.

Had to wait for ever for a specific person to help us and then after an hour we were told she had gone home and they wanted us to wait some more for some one else. Didn't even say sorry. I shouldn't of come back but the manager convenced me to give it one more try the next day. Came next day and got skipped again many times.

They don't know who is next because they don't have a system. Finally eventually got the glasses and they adjusted them and bent them. Then the lensses were defective. Got another pair and asked for a different frame scince they are the ones that messed them up.

On the second frame they forgot to put the screws tight so both lensses popped out in 1 week and the frames bent at the nose piece. Blamed me for the whole thing. This is after many times of coming in and waiting for hours to talk to some one. I called the 800 number and complained.

A division manager was supposed to call me, I have been waiting for almost 2 months and no one has called me. Their staff is unprofesional, rude and don't know what they are doing. Their product is defective and then they blame you for it. I finally just gave up and went some where else and got another pair of glasses for my son.

All I can say is go any where but Eyemasters, That is the worse place I could have gone to. They need all the deals they can offer to trick people in to coming in because that is how bad they are. Their staff, I don't know where they get those people at, I guess no one else hires them so they get hired at eyemasters. No social or service skills what so ever, it is truly sad.

I have no words to describe how horrible the whole experience was. Don't go there you will regret it.

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I also had a bad experience with EyeMasters and will no longer do business with them.


Eyemasters really should invest in hiring service oriented employees. The customer service is horrible, my daughter's glasses should have been in within a week, but it took over two weeks with no explanation.

We had a coupon, but the employee said that it wouldn't work for children. Really? It didn't specify that on the coupon and after waiting for two and a half hours I just agreed to pay full price.

We waited for over an hour to be fitted and the employee, although she tried, had no clue as to how to properly fit a person.

I am completely dissatisfied with the entire experience.

I will never come back which should be their goal since my daughter is only nine and will need glasses for many years. Note will I ever refer anyone to Eyemasters now known as Visionworks.


You are welcome gab, I am glad I could help you. I don't want any one to go through what I went through.


thank you so much for posting this! i'm looking for glasses for my husband and i and your's is the ONLY review of the woodlands eyemasters i could find :).

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