I went to eyemasters for the buy one get one free I am telling you they are so marked up its pathetic! Two pair of glasses cost me 600 bucks!

One of the frames were 180.00 bucks and after doing some research I found out they are about 100 bucks elsewhere. Other frames were 138 and againsaw nonlinear for same ones for around 69 bucks. One of the cases they gave mso why e doesn't fit the glasses at all so why bother even giving it to me. Cheap junk!

Not that I am inbred of a case but one pair are sunglasses so I am sure they will be kept in a case. When I picked up my glasses I tcdnt see out of them and it was blury. He said just give it time. I don't think.they should be this way because one of them i can see fine out of.

I still cant see and am feeling a little drunk.in them so to speak. Don't like that feeling at all.

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